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A Guide to Who's Who at Longstone

Mr I Skarmoutsos


Mr J Starrs

Vice Principal

Nursery/Foundation/Key Stage 1

Co-ordinator - Mrs K. Watson

Nursery - A Gordon (School links Co-ordinator)

Year 1 - Mrs K. Watson
Year 1 - Mrs N Atcheson
Year 1  - Miss K Ard

Year 2 - Mrs A. Wilson

Year 3 - Mrs A. Cowan

Year 3a - Mr R. McCune

Key Stage 2

Co-ordinator - Mrs G Cummings
Year 4
 - Mrs L. McCracken / Mrs S. Seawright

Year 5 - Miss J Hagan

Year 6 - Mr J Melin

Year 7 - Mrs G Cummings

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator - Dr M. O'Connell

Year 8A - Mr J Bell

Year 8B - Dr M. O'Connell

Year 9A - Mr P. Johnston (Numeracy Co-ordinator)

Year 9B - Mrs H. Strain

Year 10A - Mr I. Harrison (Assessment Co-ordinator)

Year 10B - Mr M. Fenn

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator / Examinations Officer - Mrs S. Plunkett

Year 11A - Mrs A. Cromie

Year 11B - Mr E. Guthrie

Year 12A - Mrs S. Switzer / Mrs C. McCracken

Year 12B - Mrs S. Plunkett

Classroom Assistants

Mrs A. Armstrong

Miss M Blair

Mrs N. Blair

Ms J. Blyberg

Miss C Bogle

Miss S. Brown

Mr B. Browne

Mrs S. Cairns

Miss V Chambers

Miss R. Connelly

Miss A Coulter

Mrs M. Cowan

Mrs C. Cummings

Mrs P. Cunningham

Mrs J. Dempster

Miss S. Dempster

Miss R. Dickson

Mrs A. Dowds

Miss. R. McElveen

Mrs J. Evans

Miss S. Frazer

Mrs B. Freel

Mrs T. Gardiner

Mrs J. Greggan

Mrs P. Hagan

Mrs L. Harrison

Ms L. Hill

Mrs R. Hillier

Mrs J. Johnston

Mrs R. Kane

Miss M. Kennedy

Mrs H Knipe

Mrs R. Lynch

Mrs K. McBurney

Miss H. McConnell

Miss N. Carson

Ms. T. Andrews

Miss. E. McBurney

Mrs S. McDowell

Miss E. McKee

Mrs R Nixon

Miss S Rae

Mrs D. Rolston

Mrs B. Scott

Mr K. Scott

Mrs P. Smith

Miss C. Stenning

Mrs D. Stevenson

Miss D Tarnozek

Mrs L. West

Mrs D. White

Mrs C. Williamson

Mrs K. Wilson

Mrs A. Woodward

Ms. J. Cole

Miss. HL. Kane

Additional Support Services

MLD Support 

- Mrs M. Ward

Speech & Language Therapists 

- Mrs M. Gilmore, Mrs D Watson & Miss D Smyth

Occupational Therapists 

- Miss J Sweeney


PA to the Principal 

- Mrs L. McConnell

School Secretary 

- Mrs E. Skelton


- Mr D. Clulow

Building Supervisor/Cleaners

Building Supervisor 

- Mr C. Caughey


- Miss N. Gillies, Mrs M. Greer, Ms L. Hogan, Mrs J. McBride, Mrs H. Stone, Mrs O. Walker, Mrs D Kablaovi

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Supervisor 

- To Be Announced

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